War of the Fanboys is Here!

War of the Fanboys: The Internet is a series of flamewars. On forums everywhere, Fanboys flame and troll one another for glory. War of the Fanboys is a game that emulates the tense climate of video game forums. The various game worlds featured on the gameboard represent online message boards and communities. Flood them with your Fanboys and post repeatedly about your favorite game and why your opinion is the obvious truth, driving opposing Fanboys from the territory and converting the remainders to your brand of Fanboyism. You cannot win until every Fanboy on the Internet agrees with you. Controlling entire forums provides media control, causing biased journalism and skewed online polls, generating more Fanboys that support your cause.

At the start of the game, chose your favorite Video Game or Hero, and defend it with the only proven method: violence. In order to validate your opinion, you must outmaneuver and destroy opponents in a battle of wit, tact, and a bit of luck. Draw upon your extensive knowledge of video game trivia, and use your Heroes and their assorted friends & items to lead your Fanboys to victory!

Iím a huge Nintendo fan, and War of the Fanboys has been an ongoing and ever-changing project of mine since sometime around 2005 or 2006. Many friends and players have offered input, and my hopes are that friends and players will continue to do so. This website is set up so that every board and card can be commented on. A concatenation of all comments can be found in the Discussions section. I encourage anyone with suggestions to put them forth. Your additions may very well end up on the site. In fact, you can think of War of the Fanboys as an open source project. If you have changes that youíd like to make, feel free to grab the .psd files, add your content, and have your own custom games.

If youíre new, I recommend heading to the Getting Started section for a guide of what youíll need to do to start playing. Otherwise, feel free to look around and check out some of the gameís features.



I didn't know if it would ever happen, but WarOfTheFanboys.com went live today, thanks to the help of Shaun Spalding and his associates at New Media Rights. War of the Fanboys is now available for all!

Bonus Points! A lot of Redditors claimed they tried to throw their money at me. Due to legal reasons, I canít sell WotF, and honestly, I donít have the facilities to mass produce and distribute a board game, anyway. However, NewMediaRights currently has an indiegogo campaign to raise money for a series of web videos aimed at helping educate independent game developers about copyright issues. They also provide legal advice free of charge. So if anyone wants to throw money somewhere, I encourage you, Donate Now.