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Brainshock B

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Card Info

Title: Brainshock B

2 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Until the start of your next turn, if any other player uses a card, they must first roll a 6-sided die. If they roll a 1, immediately discard the card without activating its effect.


Brainshock is similar to confusion in Pokemon games. Poo uses his refined mental abilities to project what the game calls a “strange feeling” unto enemies. Well, in War of the Fanboys, strangeness manifests itself as clumsiness, and Heroes across the board fumble with their cards, potentially dropping them and destroying the items they represent.

The swirling red zigzags are the actual battle animation for Brainshock, and the purple background was just to add some depth to the card, as Earthbound battles always had multiple layers and trippy backgrounds. In the front is Poo. All assets are from Earthbound (SNES).


Does Brainshock B affect cards that my opponents play during the rest of my turn?

Yes. So if you plan on playing Brainshock B during your turn, it should be one of the first cards you play. That way, if your opponent tries to use Mirror Kirby on your Fire Blast, there’s a chance that Kirby will zone out and listlessly drool on himself, instead of taming your Moltres with his magic wand.




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