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Buzz Buzz

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Card Info

Title: Buzz Buzz

0 coins




Play any time during the game.


Look at the top card of every deck. Return the cards to their original positions.


Buzz Buzz traveled from ten years in the future to give Ness the warning that would save the world. Though only possessing the body of a bug, Buzz Buzz is privy to all sorts of information about the future. He is surrounded by mystery, but players in War of the Fanboys can call upon him for a glimpse at what is yet to come. He will be at your service any time, day or night.

Buzz Buzz is a tragic hero in Earthbound, and dies within the first few minutes of the game. This screenshot is from when Ness, Pokey, and Pokey’s brother first meet Buzz Buzz at the site of the meteor crash in Onett. This fly from the future delivers his prophecy, and then has his delicate insect body smashed in the next scene.


Does Buzz Buzz see Land Territory Cards?




me suba

Posted: 2018-12-20 21:35:06
YITISx Many thanks for sharing this excellent piece. Very inspiring! (as always, btw)


Posted: 2016-12-15 02:24:42
Wow Katrina! Glad you tried them and ececliaply glad you liked them! Since you're the only one that have actually tried the original, that good!