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Fire B (Deprecated)

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Card Info

Title: Fire B

2 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Draw three Zebes cards. Destroy half of any enemy armies on those territories.


Paula originally had a higher level Fire attack, which Iím going to pretend is Fire B because Greek symbols donít play well with PHP, SQL, or Windows. Fire B was cut from War of the Fanboys 3.0. By ridding the game of this card, I was able to incorporate new ideas into the EarthBound deck (which I still consider the weakest set of Hero cards,) but it also meant that I didnít need to make Zebes cards, so it was win-win. This card features the same Mr. Fire creature from the original Fire a, and also some added explosion images, which I had no luck identifying. Paula, of course, comes from the EarthBound Playerís Guide.