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Instant Revitalizing Device

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Card Info

Title: Instant Revitalizing Device

0 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Place any Hero not currently on the board onto any territory you occupy.


While the name is a mouthful, itís an accurate description of the machine. The Instant Revitalizing Device revives any of Nessís friends that lose consciousness and heals them completely. In War of the Fanboys, use it to bring your fallen Heroes back to life. Dr. Andonuts works pro bono, so there is never a fee for his services.

The screenshot is from Earthbound, as Ness approaches the IRD within Dr. Andonuts lab. The device appears in only a few locations in Earthbound, and itís even rarer in WotF. It also makes a return in Earthboundís sequel, Mother 3. Unfortunately, Mother 3 was never released outside of Japan, so none of its IRDís could be imported for WotF.


Can I use Instant Revitalizing Device to revive my Ness Hero?

Unfortunately, because Ness must be on the board for you to play any EarthBound cards, Instant Revitalizing Device cannot be used to revive Ness.



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