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Card Info

Title: Present

0 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Take a card from the discard pile at random. Look at the card and then give it to any opponent.


Before Ness starts his adventure, his sister gives him a gift. He opens it to find his trusty bat that he will become so associated with. Use Present to show your own generosity to a fellow gamer. Hopefully youíve got an alliance going with someone and hopefully they donít break it when you end up giving them something like Fire Blast or Bullet Bill. And if you end up giving them Navi, well, itís really the thought that counts.

The cardís image shows Ness at the start of Earthbound in his sisterís room. He would venture far from his home, but presents would be found throughout the game as the default packaging for loose items. They are like the chests in Legend of Zelda or Pokeballs in Pokemon.


Can I look at the cards in the discard pile before playing Present?

Yes. The discard pile is public knowledge and may be perused by players at any time. If itís early in the game and there are few cards in the discard pile, it can be manageable to work out the odds of selecting a random card, and might make playing Present more appealing.

What if there are currently no cards in the discard pile?

Present cannot be played if there are no cards in the discard pile.



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