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Robot Bodies

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Card Info

Title: Robot Bodies

3 coins




Play before your first invasion.


You may invade any single land territory from any single Zebes or Great Fox territory. Declare both territories before your first invasion. You may invade with and move in Ness and/or up to 3 fanboys.


Ness and his brave friends agree to have their souls transferred into robot bodies at the end of EarthBound. These bodies let them pass through strange dimensions where they otherwise could not survive. In War of the Fanboys, Robot Bodies allows Ness and some dedicated Fanboy followers to survive reentry through the atmosphere above the WotF main board. The fearless invaders can quite literally get the drop on an opponent by landing in any land territory unexpectedly. The card art shows Ness and his crew in their new bodies as they wander the Cave of the Past, the final level of Earthbound.


If I have Ness and more than 3 Fanboys on the attacking territory, may I continue to attack indefinitely, and then only move Ness and 3 Fanboys to the territory if I capture it?

No. Only Ness and 3 total Fanboys may attack the defending territory. If you attack with all 4 units, and lose 2, you may only attack again with the last 2 units.

Can I redistribute Ness and any extra Fanboys back to the Zebes or Great Fox territory?

No. Robot Bodies provides a one-way ticket to the planet side. If you donít want to dedicate 3 Fanboys to the attack, you can send the Fanboys in one at a time. If you capture the territory with a single die roll, you only have to move in one Fanboy.

Can I use Robot Bodies to declare the attacking Zebes or Great Fox territory, even if I donít own that territory yet?

Yes. If you plan on invading and capturing, say, Loading Bay, with the intent of launching troops back down to another land territory, you may begin construction on the robot bodies immediately, and they will be finished when you reach the destination territory. Of course, if you donít end up capturing that territory, you will have wasted the card.



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