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Sky Runner

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Card Info

Title: Sky Runner

3 coins




Play before your first invasion.


You may invade any land territory with a castle from any Zebes or Great Fox territory you occupy. You do not require Mario to make any Zebes/Great Fox to land invasions.


Just when the characters in EarthBound think their lives couldnít get any weirder, they find themselves flying around in a spaceship. Of course, the kids find out that without a proper landing strip, itís easy to smash the Sky Runner into scrap. Thatís why, in War of the Fanboys, the Sky Runner can only invade territories with Castles, presumably because the Castles have helipads or something similar that the Sky Runner can utilize. Recreate the War of the Worlds when your Fanboys lift off from alien planets and from across gulfs of space to invade the metropolises of your opponents.

The screenshot from Earthbound shows the Sky Runner parked in Dr. Andonutsís lab, located in Winters, which does not appear on the WotF board. The doctor lets the kids pilot it, despite the fact that they are clearly too young to have a license. He pays for it, though, as the Sky Runner is completely destroyed by the end of Earthbound. Luckily, in WotF, itís been resurrected for one last flight.


Is there a limit to how many times I can invade each land territory with a castle from each Zebes or Great Fox territory?

No. You may make attacks to each land territory with a Castle, from each Zebes and/or Great Fox territory, as often as youíd like or have Fanboys available to invade, or stop whenever you are satisfied. You may invade multiple land territories with Castles from a single Zebes or Great Fox territory, or you may invade a single land territory with a Castle from multiple Zebes and/or Great Fox territories.




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