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Teleport a

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Card Info

Title: Teleport a

0 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Roll a 6-sided die. Move fanboys equal to the number rolled from any number of territories you occupy to a single territory you occupy.


Teleporting in EarthBound is like time travel in Back to the Future; players have to hit a certain speed before they blast off through the fabric of space. Teleport a is the weakest level of the psionic teleport abilities, so it needs the longest windup to build up power. As such, its the most likely to fail, so dont be surprised when not all of the Fanboys you were expecting dont arrive. Of all new EarthBound cards in War of the Fanboys, I wanted two copies of this one in the deck more than any other. If a player could play two of these cards in a single turn, it would certainly produce some interesting results.

The card art shows what happens when Ness and his friends run out of runway while teleporting in Earthbound. This was chosen because, inevitably, at least one Fanboy will crash and burn before making it to the target destination, unless the 6-sided die is really hot.




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