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Trash Can

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Card Info

Title: Trash Can

0 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Take a card from the discard pile at random and put it in your hand.


Yes, I really reached the bottom of the barrel with this one. Admittedly, EarthBound has the fewest number of games of any of the War of the Fanboys series, only one of which was translated into English, so itís got the thinnest supply of source material. In EarthBound, Ness rummages through numbers of trash cans, sometimes finding powerful weapons that have been carelessly discarded, sometimes finding only old food. Dive into the War of the Fanboys Trash Can: the discard pile. Maybe youíll find something useful.

Expectedly, the screenshot is from Earthbound. Ness can be seen standing near a trash can in his home town of Onett. Itís quaint to see a metal garbage can wedged in between a pizzeria and an arcade. Typically, youíd see a big, green dumpster with WM printed on the front. Itís details like the trash cans, combined with the picket fence and manhole covers that really pegs Onett as charming little community.


Can I look at the cards in the discard pile before playing Trash Can?

Yes. The discard pile is public knowledge and may be perused by players at any time. If itís early in the game and there are few cards in the discard pile, it can be manageable to work out the odds of selecting a random card, and might make playing Trash Can more appealing.

What if there are currently no cards in the discard pile?

Trash Can cannot be played if there are no cards in the discard pile.



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