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Current Version: 3.0

The Great Fox is like an aircraft carrier in space. Itís where Fox McCloud and his crew dock when they need supplies or repairs. It has powerful cannons, giving whoever controls it the power to launch a laser strike down at any enemy land territory. Of course, the ship is costly to maintain, so there is a deduction from the Coins a player usually receives.

Because the Great Fox is in orbit above the atmosphere, the only way to invade it is from land territories with Castles, as fanboys and Heroes can launch their own shuttles from within the walls of a Castle. Invasions launched from the main board can only attack Loading Bay, as the Great Foxís armor prevents breach from elsewhere. Once inside the Great Fox, fanboys can invade any adjacent territory, but if a player wants to invade the main board from a Great Fox territory, this can only be achieved by playing specific Hero cards.

Fanboys and Heroes on the Great Fox may redistribute back to the main board as long as they have a path to Loading Bay and a land territory with a Castle. This creates a safe ďchainĒ of territories back to the main board.

Great Fox Territories: 4

War of the Fanboys - The Great Fox

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The original Great Fox used a reverse of the same image with some unidentifiable space debris in the background and prerendered text. Iíve looked for the original but have not found it. Still searching.

As for the version number, I honestly canít remember if this is the original board, or if it was lost with the rest of WotF 1.0. I have a strong feeling that this is the original, as we kept the auxiliary boards in a box with the Hero Cards, which survived, but I cannot confirm.

War of the Fanboys - The Great Fox



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