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Kirby is the little puff ball with a big punch. Kirby must be present on the board to make invasions into, make invasions from, or redistribute Fanboys through Air Territories. When Kirby is part of an invasion, you may add an 8-sided attack die for Kirby if either the invading or defending territory is an Air Territory. When Kirby is in a defending territory, you may add an 8-sided defense die for Kirby if either the invading or defending territory is an Air Territory. Kirby is also required to purchase and play Hero cards from the Kirby deck, which contains many of the abilities Kirby has copied.

Kirby represents the Fanboy argument of gameplay over graphics. Kirby, and the games that carry his name, are often graphically simply, using bright, vibrant colors as opposed to ultrarealistic scenery. Kirby, himself, is just a pink ball, and those who play games based on graphics usually scoff at the childish look. So does Kirby belong in a coloring book or on the latest console? Let the Fanboys decide.



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