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Link is a master swordsman who can both defeat powerful enemies and solve challenging puzzles. Link does not receive an 8-sided attack or defense die, but his excellent swordsmanship gives him the Parry ability, which can turn an otherwise lost invasion into a quick victory. Link is one of Nintendo’s most recognizable mascots, so all players start the game with him. He is required to purchase and play Hero cards from The Legend of Zelda deck, which are like treasure chests full of Link’s weapons and gadgets.

Link parallels the transformation of gamers into maturity. This is illustrated most blatantly in Ocarina of Time, where Link literally transforms from a child into an adult, but also as a series as a whole, which has adopted darker themes in some of the later games. Link also represents the change of the gaming industry as a whole, which has aged alongside its chief demographic. And while it’s true that there are many more “mature” games available, the Zelda series has never drifted too far from family-friendly tones, so it’s included because War of the Fanboys is intended to be a family-friendly game.


When Link is part of an invasion, he provides a tactical advantage to the invaders, turning certain defeat into a possible victory. Parry is performed when a defender and attacker’s dice tie. When an invasion occurs, calculate wins and losses as usual. Compare the highest pairs of dice until a single pair ties. If there is a tie, set the two tying dice aside and calculate the rest of the dice rolls normally. If there is a second set of tying dice, the defender beats the attacker. When all wins and losses are resolved, return to the two tied dice and re-roll them. If the attacker rolls higher, the defender loses a unit. If the defender rolls higher, the attacker loses a unit. If the dice tie on a re-roll, keep rolling until one player rolls higher than the other. If the defender ties with both a 6- and 8-sided die simultaneously, the defender may choose which die to re-roll.

Note: Compare ONLY the two tied dice to determine who wins in the Parry. Do NOT factor the newly rolled dice into the original rolls.

Note: Link can only Parry if a 6-sided attack die ties. His Parry ability does not extend to bonus dice granted by other Heroes.



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