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Current Version: 3.1

The War of the Fanboys Main Gameboard is where most of the action takes place. Itís where every playerís fanboys and Heroes start the game, and itís home to all the land and air territories. The gameboard features worlds from 6 video game series: DK Island, home of the Donkey Kong family, Kanto, the colorful region brimming with Pokemon, Dinosaur Land, where Mario first meets Yoshi, Hyrule, presided over by Princess Zelda, Eagleland, which is struck by a strange meteorite in EarthBound, and Dream Land of the planet Pop Star, where Kirby lives. The board also features five air territories, divided into two fleets. Controlling and maintaining territories on the main board is vital to winning the game.

Land Territories: 42
Air Territories: 5

War of the Fanboys - Main Board

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Version 3.0 had a smaller Hyrule Castle territory, which made management of the fanboys and Heroes garrisoned there difficult. The size of the grassy plateau was increased slightly, making unit placement somewhat easier, though Hyrule land territories remain some of the smallest.

War of the Fanboys - Hyrule Castle update


The upgrade from board version 2.0 was a massive aesthetic change. The only gameplay changes appeared in Hyrule, where Zoraís Domain (formerly Zoraís River) is now adjacent to Lon Lon Ranch, Gerudoís Valley is now adjacent to The Market instead of Hyrule Castle, and Kakariko Village & Lost Woods are no longer adjacent. Other changes, such as adjusting the borders of Gerudoís Fortress to actually include Gerudoís Fortress and swapping Onett and Twoson, didnít really change anything.

The air territories underwent the biggest visual shift. We had taken some creative license naming the air territories when we first created WotF, such as the Balloon Fight Academy, where I imagined fighters training in the arts of flapping their arms and stomping balloons, and the Rainbow Port, where the Rainbow Cruise would presumably dock for boarding. Aerial City 034 was a generic plugin because we ran out of ideas, and apparently so was City of Clouds, which I remember Andrew telling me was from one of the Star Fox games. I had never played past Star Fox 64, so I believed him, but it would explain why we never found any images of it. Instead, I found an image by Finnish artist, Lauri Ahonen, from her photoset, Inspired by Nature. I used this image as a basis for all the air territories.

War of the Fanboys - Main Board


Unfortunately, the whereabouts of the original WotF Board are unknown. Despite the number of seams from piecing the thing together from 8.5x11Ē pages, itís probably fair to say that it looked nearly identical to the 2.0 board, but the blue was a darker shade. Probably #0000FF. Also, the bicycle trail hadnít been cut out and actually connected Celadon City with the Viridian/Fuchsia Penninsula, but that only mattered because we hadnít noticed at the time that they were adjacent north of the harbor. It was once the intention to connect Pallet town to the peninsula via the bike route, but that never materialized.




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