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1up Mushroom

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Card Info

Title: 1up Mushroom

0 coins




Play when your Mario Hero is destroyed.


Immediately place Mario on any land territory you occupy.


The 1-up Mushroom is probably the second most famous mushroom in the whole kingdom. Theyíve been saving Mario for over a quarter-century, and they will continue to save him in War of the Fanboys. Remember, without Mario, most of your Fanboys will be useless, so itís important to keep him around. Extra lives seem to be vanishing from modern games, but as iconic as the green mushroom is, it seems unlikely that the Super Mario series will be abandoning the formula anytime soon.

The artwork shows Mario about to grab a hidden 1-up Mushroom in Nintendoís Super Mario 64, the game that revolutionized 3d gaming. 1-upís are an important currency in Mario games, so they are typically hidden in less-than-obvious places.


Can I use 1-up Mushroom at any point when Mario is not in play?

No. The 1-up Mushroom must be used immediately after Mario is destroyed.



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