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Peach's Castle

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Card Info

Title: Peach's Castle

1 coin




Play before your first invasion.


Place a castle on any land territory you occupy.


Peach’s Castle is a piece of video game history. It may be full of magic paintings and endless stairs, but the stone walls and moat make it a strong defensive point. And while any princess worth her weight deserves a fancy fortress to call her home, the true purpose of a castle lays in its fortitude. In War of the Fanboys, your Heroes and Fanboys take up garrison behind the battlements and defend with all their might.

The screenshot is from the opening scenes of Super Mario 64, where players are introduced to the castle for the first time. The intro is sort of a demo of the Nintendo 64’s graphical abilities, showcasing the models, the textures, and navigating them all in 3D space. The castle would act as a hub, granting Mario access to all sorts of fantastical worlds. So, too, in WotF, does the castle serve as a hub, giving Fanboys and Hereos direct reach to Zebes and the Great Fox.



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