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Tanooki Suit

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Card Info

Title: Tanooki Suit

3 coins




Play before using any other card.


Until your next turn, you may not use Mario cards, or move, attack, or defend with your Mario Hero. Mario cannot be destroyed or affected by anything. Mario must have fandom at the start of your next attack phase.


Few Western gamers really understand what a Tanooki is or why the Tanooki Suit lets Mario turn into a statue, but for all its strangeness, it’s part of Mario lure. In War of the Fanboys, turning Mario into a statue is the ultimate in defense, as his indestructible presence makes losing the territory he occupies impossible. Mario cannot do anything or help out while in statue form, but he can hold an innumerable enemy at bay, allowing for deployment of Fanboys to other areas of the map.

The screenshot on the card shows Mario in statue form from Super Mario Bros 3. This is the only game that featured Tanooki Mario until Nintendo released Super Mario 3D Land over 20 years later. Now a whole new generation of gamers can be confused by this odd powerup.


Does “Play before using any other card” include cards that allow me to “Play any time during the game”?

No. “Play before using any other card” means it must be the first card played during Phase 4: Play Hero Cards. So if, for instance, you play Buzz Buzz Star before Phase 3: Buy Hero Cards, you can still use Tanooki Suit come Phase 4. “Play before using any other card” means you must play it before using any cards that are listed as “Play before your first invasion.”

What do you mean Mario needs Fandom during the next attack phase? Doesn’t he always need Fandom?

While Mario is using the Tanooki Suit, he cannot be destroyed by anything, even a lack of Fandom. The territory that Mario occupies can still be attacked, even if Mario cannot defend. All Fanboys on the territory may be destroyed, leaving Mario alone on the territory. Mario is exempt from the Fandom rule until the start of the player’s next attack phase so that the player may have the ability to add more Fanboys to the territory during Phase 1.

If Mario is not destroyed by lack of Fandom, can another Hero exist on a territory with Mario, even if there are no Fanboys?

No. Other Heroes still require Fandom. Mario does not produce Fandom. Only Fanboys provide Fandom for Heroes.




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