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Where would video games be today if it weren’t for Mario? Mario is Nintendo’s flagship, and as such, he is the most essential Hero to have in WotF. Mario must be present on the board to make invasions into, make invasions from, or redistribute Fanboys through Land Territories. When Mario is part of an invasion, you may add an 8-sided attack die for Mario if either the invading or defending territory is a Land Territory. When Mario is in a defending territory, you may add an 8-sided defense die for Mario if either the invading or defending territory is a Land Territory. Luckily, all players start with Mario. Mario is also required to purchase and play Hero cards from the Super Mario deck, which is made up in part of powerups that can strengthen your Heroes and Fanboys.

Mario was chosen for War of the Fanboys as the classic object of Fanboy adoration. It feels like it was Mario and Sonic who started the very first Fanboy Wars. Mario eventually won the battle, so it is he who is featured in this game. Nowadays there is no mascot that commands as many Fanboys as Mario, who has sold more games than any other series in history.



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