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Ness is just a normal kid who ends up traveling through time and space to save the world. Ness must be present on the board to make invasions into, make invasions from, or redistribute Fanboys through Zebes and Great Fox Territories. When Ness is part of an invasion, you may add an 8-sided attack die for Ness if either the invading or defending territory is a Zebes or Great Fox Territory. When Ness is in a defending territory, you may add an 8-sided defense die for Ness if either the invading or defending territory is a Zebes or Great Fox Territory. Ness is also required to purchase and play Hero cards from the EarthBound deck, which allows Ness and team to channel their psionic abilities.

Ness is included in War of the Fanboys as the cult classic icon. While Earthbound had only one US release (and that one almost 2 decades ago,) it still maintains a strong and dedicated following to this day. Earthbound is like a great band from the 70s that hardly anyone still remembers, or an obscure pop-culture reference that only the nerdy understand. Most of all, Ness is like any of us. Hes an everyman who, while not a celebrity or a sport star, still has somebody out there who knows how special he is.



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