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Pikachu is the most recognizable of all the hundreds and hundreds of Pokemon. Hes defeated countless Pokemon and will surely add a few Fanboys to the tally in WotF. When Pikachu is part of an invasion, you may always add an 8-sided attack die for Pikachu. When Pikachu is in a defending territory, you may always add an 8-sided defense die for Pikachu. Pikachu is required to purchase and play Hero cards from the Pokemon deck, which will call his Pokemon friends into battle.

Pikachu represents all Pokemon in War of the Fanboys, which in turn represents the merchandising aspect of Fanboyism. Pokemon has the uncanny ability to push innumerable toys, cards, and cartoon shows to kids, generating tons of consumer content based on the hordes of different Pokemon. Even the games benefit from this multiplicity effect, often selling multiple copies of a slightly changed game to a single customer.



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