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Card Info

Title: Confusion

2 coins




Play when an opponent declares an invasion into a contested territory.


Destroy one fanboy or Hero in the invading territory for every 3 or lower that is rolled during the attack. The defending territory does not roll defense dice.


Hypno is a reclusive Pokemon that hypnotizes victims that wander into its territory. It can also use Confusion to disorient Pokemon. The afflicted Pokemon, like a dizzy kid, winds up tripping over itself and sustaining injury. This is a frustrating ailment, as the trainer is helpless but to watch the pocket monster flounder about. In War of the Fanboys, confused Fanboys and Hereos stand a chance of injuring themselves and friendly forces. And, as the saying goes that the larger they are, the harder they fall, so it is that the larger the invasion force when Confusion is used, the more likely the Fanboys are to destroy themselves.

The card art is Dark Hypno from Wizards of the Coasts Team Rocket set of Pokemon trading cards. This artwork was chosen because the pendulum is so prominent, which everyone knows is the key to proper hypnosis. The illustration is that of Kagemaru Himeno.


Can I play Confusion if an opponent invades a territory that I do not occupy?

Yes. As long as the defending territory is contested, Confusion can be used against the attacking force.



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