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Giga Drain

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Card Info

Title: Giga Drain

2 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Choose up to 3 opponents. The chosen players must destroy a fanboy on any land territory they occupy. You may then place a number of fanboys equal to the number destroyed on any land territory you occupy.


Giga Drain is one of several moves that saps HP from a defending Pokemon and returns it to the attacker. When Vileplume uses it on behalf of a player in War of the Fanboys, it destroys enemy Fanboys, transferring their energy into newly recruited Fanboys on the player’s side. Giga Drain was conceived as a stronger version of another new card, Mega Drain.

This is Erika’s Vileplume from the Gym Leaders expansion set that Wizards of the Coast released for the Pokemon TCG. The holographic effects look like spores, which Vileplume can release as part of its attacks. The illustrator, Ken Sugimori, drew the most menacing Vileplume that Pokemon fans have ever seen.


What if there are less than 3 opponents in the game?

Then Giga Drain can only destroy 1 or 2 Fanboys, and the player only gains 1 or 2 Fanboys, respectively.




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