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Stun Spore

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Card Info

Title: Stun Spore

2 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Choose an opponent's Hero. That player cannot play any card from that Hero's deck until your next turn. The player may still purchase cards from that Hero's deck. The Hero is otherwise unaffected.


Like other status ailments, a paralyzed Pokemon can be an aggravating experience. Nothing is worse than expecting to launch a victory blow, only to watch the traumatized Pokemon seize up. In War of the Fanboys, Stun Spoke effectively paralyzes a Hero, preventing it from launching its special attacks: Hero Cards. The Hero can still attack normally, but thanks to Venomoth, the use of potentially game-changing cards is delayed a turn.

In the artwork, Venomoth can be clearly seen releasing the spores that cause such serious allergic reactions. This is Sabrina’s Venomoth, part of the Gym Heroes expansion set that Wizards of the Coast released for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Sabrina has psychic powers, so she tends to prefer psychic-type Pokemon. Venomoth might not seem to fit her tastes, but it does learn a handful of physic attacks, which must have won over her affection. The illustration came from Ken Sugimori.


What if the Hero is destroyed before that opponent’s next turn?

The opponent still cannot play any cards from the deck, even if the Hero is destroyed, and then purchased again by that player at the start of their next turn. Strictly speaking, Stun Spore affects the cards, not the Hero. If you like, you can imagine that Venomoth actually sprinkles the toxic spores directly onto the cards, which paralyze the Hero on contact. If the Hero has been destroyed and repurchased, the spores will affect the revived Hero, also. After a turn, the spores will have either blown away or washed off and the cards will be safe to handle, again.



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