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Card Info

Title: Thunder

2 coins




Play before your first invasion.


For the rest of your turn, whenever your Pikachu Hero is included in an invasion, you may re-roll any attack dice that roll a 1. If you roll a 1 on any re-roll, the dice cannot be rolled again.


Pikachu finally shows what he can do with Thunder, the pinnacle of Electric-type moves. Thunder allows Pikachu to juice up every fanboy and Hero that fights alongside him, giving them an extra jolt of energy whenever they begin to stumble or falter. This can be a devastating card, especially if combined with something like Master Sword or Poe. The clouds will definitely begin to darken over the heads of any defenders when Thunder is played.

The Pikachu from Nintendoís Emerald set of Pokemon cards is absolutely bursting with electricity. It is leaping into battle with bolts of lightning shooting into all directions, damaging anyone unlucky enough to get in the way. This was drawn by Masakazu Fukuda and might be one of the coolest pieces of Pokemon art ever.




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