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Archer (Deprecated)

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Card Info

Title: Archer

1 coin




Play when declaring an invasion.


Invading force loses no armies during that battle.


The Archer card was probably inspired more by Fire Emblem than the Zelda series. The concept in Fire Emblem is that if you are attacking with a ranged weapon against an opponent who is not ranged, you will never receive damage from a counterattack. When that was brought to War of the Fanboys with Linkís bow, the idea was that the defender could still roll to block the attacks, but because the attacker was equipped with a ranged weapon, they would not take the losses. So what was the problem? Well, Archer suffered the same problem as the original Mirror Shield, in that it was only useful if you rolled poorly. Also, considering that the defender usually only rolls with 1 or 2 defense dice, Archer was rarely worth its cost of 1 coin. Archer could have potentially saved someone 4 Fanboys if they attacked a territory with max defense and lost every dice roll, but I donít think that happened once in the course of play testing. More often, the card saved no one, so it was pitched in WotF 3.0. The artwork on the card combines the Heroís Bow with the Fire and Light Arrows on page 31 of the Majoraís Mask instruction booklet. I donít know who combined the three pieces of artwork, but I did find something similar to the original image here. The color temperature is a bit off, so it might not be the very same picture, but itís the only existing version that I could find on the web.



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