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Card Info

Title: Clawshots

3 coins




Play before your first invasion.


You may invade any air territory from any other air territory you occupy during your attack phase. If you currently occupy at least one air territory, you do not require Kirby to make any air-air invasions.


With Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword released, Link now has the ability to duel-wield his custom grapple guns. This allows him to move from one aerial target to the next, which translates pretty well to War of the Fanboys. The Clawshots card allows Fanboys and Hereos to follow Linkís example by jumping from one air territory to the next, zipping above anything in between. It can find a route behind enemy front lines, or make for a great shortcut across the map.

Card art comes from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the first Zelda game designed from the ground up for the Nintendo Wii. Perhaps heís really perched on the edge of Magicant, and is eyeing up a nice wooden boat from Rainbow Cruise to swing to.


What do you mean I donít need Kirby? Does this card essentially replace Kirby?

This card is certainly not equal to Kirby. It can do things Kirby canít, but Kirby is still needed for certain aerial maneuvers. What Clawshots does is allow any Fanboys and/or Heroes on an air territory to attack any other Air Territory. For instance, if you are on Rainbow Cruise, not only can you attack Moonside, but you can now attack Magicant or Final Destination. If you had a large army amassed, you could potentially attack Rainbow Cruise to Magicant, Magicant to Airship, Airship to Moonside, and then from Moonside back to Final Destination, or any combination of. If you want to make a Land-to-Air invasion, or an Air-to-Land invasion, you will still need Mario and Kirby. If you have Mario and Kirby in addition to the Clawshots card, you could move Rainbow Cruise > Final Detination > Kongo Jungle.



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