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Gale Boomerang

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Card Info

Title: Gale Boomerang

2 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Choose an enemy Hero adjacent to your Link Hero. Roll an 8-sided die. If you roll a 3 or higher, destroy that Hero and roll again for up to 4 additional fanboys on that territory until you do not roll a 3 or higher.


When building War of the Fanboys 3.0, a lot of games with cool new items and features had come out in the interim. Luckily, there were two Boomerang cards, so I could keep one and cut one. The cut one would be upgraded, as Link saw his standard Boomerang upgraded to the Gale Boomerang in Twilight Princess. Link could target up to 5 objects with his new toy, and so can players if they use this card and have lucky rolls. Considering it can take out a Hero plus 4 Fanboys, it was considered rather powerful, so the adjacency clause was added. The artwork shows Link in Twilight Princess lining up for just such a throw.


Do I always get to roll 5 dice?

No. If at any time you roll a 1 or 2, you break the chain and the Gale Boomerang ends. You can only roll 5 times if you roll at least a 3 or higher on the first four rolls. You might end up rolling a 1 or 2 on your first roll and immediately render the card useless. Such is life when youre playing War of the Fanboys.

What does adjacent mean?

Currently, adjacent means 2 territories that share a single boarder. Territories connected via waterway or airway are not considered adjacent, though this card may be revised at some point to included these territories as valid targets for the Gale Boomerang.

What if the territory has less than 1 Hero and 4 additional Fanboys?

You may target a territory with less than 4 Fanboys, but there must be at least one Hero on the territory for the first roll. Without a Hero, the card cannot lock on, and cannot make any of its additional attacks. If there are less than 4 additional Fanboys and you have destroyed them and the Hero in less than 5 rolls, the territory becomes unoccupied and you cannot roll any more dice.



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