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Card Info

Title: Navi

0 coins




Hey! Listen!


You should try to find a way to defeat your opponents. Try to defend your important territories and attack where your opponents are weakest. Don't forget to use your cards wisely, too!


While Navi existed mainly as a plot device, gamers everywhere love to hate her. The “Hey!” and the “Listen!” are long time gaming annoyances, like being edge-guarded in Smash Bros or being swarmed with Zubats in Pokemon. There were a 5 Zelda cards cut in the transition to War of the Fanboys 3.0, and the Navi card was thrown in as filler. Hopefully it provides an authentic Navi experience.

The card art is a still from the opening cinema of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, where all the important characters are introduced. The look of horror that Link has was actually caused by Ganon and his fearsome black stallion, but the idea is that any player who draws this card will have the same shocked expression on their face.


Can I play this card?


Is this card useless? Should I just discard it?

Absolutely not! This card contains the secrets of victory! But in all seriousness, keep this card around. It could save a more important card from a Like Like, or maybe it could Evolve into something useful.



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