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Card Info

Title: Poe

3 coins




Play before your first invasion.


Set aside all enemy fanboys and Heroes you defeat by invasion from every territory you capture. At the end of your turn, place additional fanboys equal to half the number of defeated units onto each territory.


Poe is an evil spirit. Use him to revive fallen opponents to fight for newly conquered territories. You can think of these revived Fanboys as zombies if you’d like, and Poe as a necromancer. This is a powerful card, but only if you use it properly. Poe is best played before launching a massive invasion. Just remember that you actually have to capture the territory if you plan on raising any dead.

The first card features Poe hanging out in Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time. The second card shows Poe from the classic game’s sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, haunting Ikana’s Well. The models are almost identical in both games, but for a slight difference in the lamp Poe carries.


Where exactly do the Fanboys go?

The Fanboys are revived in the territory where they were defeated. Let’s say you invade and capture Yoshi’s Island. You defeat 2 Fanboys there. Then you invade and capture Donut Plains, defeating 5 Fanboys and a Mario Hero. If you end your turn now, you’ll receive 1 Fanboy on Yoshi’s Island and 3 on Donut Plains.

Does Poe revive Fanboys on air, Zebes, and Great Fox territories?


What if there is an odd number of Fanboys and/or Heroes on a territory?

War of the Fanboys always rounds up.

Can I redistribute revived Fanboys?

No. The Fanboys are not revived until the end of your turn. Your turn ends when you’ve finished Phase 6: Redistribute Fanboys. You cannot redistribute the zombie Fanboys until your next turn.

What if I use Epona?

Epona is played after Phase 6, the same time your Fanboys are revived. When you begin the action described on the Epona card, the revived Fanboys will be in place, so you can either attack with them or redistribute them from one of the territories.

Can I play both Poe cards and revive all Fanboys that I defeat?

No. The Poe cards do not stack and cannot be played at the same time.

Images depict copyrighted material and are
owned by the copyright holder, likely
Nintendo or its affiliates, unless otherwise
stated. It is believed that its use here falls under
fair use guidelines.

Previous Versions

The original Poe acted much different and was well liked. It acted in reverse, allowing the defending player to revive half of the defeated units. This card was designed to be played by someone who’s been completely overrun, allowing a player that’s been severely beaten back a chance to reinforce their new position, when they might otherwise have been knocked out of the game completely. There was only one problem with this card: the defending player never expected to need it. Because the defender wouldn’t realize he needed Poe until half of their territories were captured, they wouldn’t have been paying attention and would have forgotten how many Fanboys were on each lost territory. This made the card cumbersome and would sometimes spark disagreements. Because the new version must be declared before the attack phase, it forces players to pay attention and keep track. The artwork is a modified gif created by fellow Nintendo fan, Sugar-Bot, using pieces from Ocarina of Time.




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